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Welcome to Eunice Foods, a Caribbean-owned company dedicated to bringing the flavors of the Caribbean to your kitchen. Our extensive range of spices, seasonings, and food and beverages are all carefully curated to provide the authentic taste of the Caribbean. As a Caribbean-owned business, we are committed to bringing you the best products from the Caribbean region and sharing the rich culinary traditions of the Caribbean with you.

Our Founder

Introducing Rommanie Harry, the founder and CEO of Eunice Foods. Originally from Guyana, South America, Rommanie now resides in Seattle, WA. Rommanie has a deep understanding of the Caribbean food market and is excited to bring the best tastes of the region straight to your kitchen.

Our Co-Founder

Meet Lashawn Graham, the dedicated co-founder of Eunice Foods. Hailing from the vibrant Caribbean region, Lashawn brings a wealth of knowledge and passion for Caribbean cuisine to our team. Currently based in Seattle, WA, Lashawn shares Rommanie's enthusiasm for introducing the rich flavors of the Caribbean to your kitchen. With a profound appreciation for the culinary traditions of the region, Lashawn plays a vital role in our mission to provide authentic Caribbean tastes to our valued customers. Together with Rommanie, Lashawn contributes to the heart and soul of Eunice Foods, making our brand a true reflection of Caribbean culture and flavor.